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Special events and trips to Japan with Shihan Lino

Daihyo Masanaga’s 2018 visit to Canada

Shihan Lino Gambuto, Shihan Tats Nakamura, Daihyo Masanaga, and Shihan Pierre Cataford.

2019 dan exam

Shihan Lino Gambuto participating in a black belt exam in Saint-Bruno.

Daihyo Masanag’s 2018 visit to Canada

Shihan Lino Gambuto et sa conjointe Johanne Dandurand avec Shihan Tat Nakamura et
Daihyo Masanaga Nakamura.

2019 dan exam

Shihan Pierre Cataford and Shihan Lino Gambuto

Masanaga Seminar, 2018

Kyokushin Hawkesbury Karate school members.

Kyokushin International Karate federation seminar.

Over 250 karatekas were in attendance in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville.

Montreal International Competition

«Samurai Spirit» referees, March 2015

2019 dan exam

Shihan Lino Gambuto completing kihon techniques at a black belt exam in Saint-Bruno.


Reception cocktail for Daihyo Masanaga’s 2018 visit to Canada

Shihan Lino Gambuto and other dojo directors.

Japan, October 2007

Training at Mount Mitsumine with Shihan Peter Chong from Hong Kong, and karate grand masters.

Masutatsu Oyama’s grave

Mount Mitsumine, Japan, with Sensei Glen Collard, October 2007.


IKO Nakamura Honbu, Japan

Picture taken in Japan during an International Kyokushin competition.

Japan, 2015

Picture taken in front of Mount Mitsumine Temple, with Sensei Glen Collard.

Mont Mitsumine, Japon octobre 2007

Training with karate grand masters, with Russian competitor Andrey Stepin, ranked 8th at the 9th World Open Kyokushin Karate Championship.

Shihan Lino in action

Jiu Jitsu seminar given by Shihan Lino Gambuto, Hawkesbury, 2003.

Hawkesbury, 2017

Shihan Lino Gambuto with his wife, Sempai Johanne Dandurand.

Tameshiwari demonstration, Black Belt Hall of Fame, May 2015, Montreal

Cement block and baseball bat breaking

IKO Nakamura 2018 seminar

Kyokushin Karate IKO Nakamura federation seminar for instructors, 2018

A karate school graduate

Certificate received following a Tameshiwari class at Kyokushin Hawkesbury Karate, November 2018.

Black belt exam, 2019

Kyokushin Hawkesbury Karate students present at the May 2019 black belt exam.

Punta Cana

Training on the beach in Punta Cana, April 2017, with Sensei Eric Ranger, Shihan Lino Gambuto, and Sempai Johanne Dandurand.

Daihyo Masanaga’s 2018 visit to Canada

The organization’s instructors at a seminar given by Daihyo Masanaga and Shihan Tats Nakamura.

Seminar at Shihan Pierre Cataford’s dojo

Shihan Lino Gambuto and Shihan Pierre Cataford, with other dojo directors from KIK federation.

Black belt exam, May 2019

Official photograph of IKO Nakamura federation’s newly certified black belts.


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